Eligible for redemption under the terms of an indenture. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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redeem re‧deem [rɪˈdiːm] verb [transitive] FINANCE
1. to pay off a loan or debt:

• He intends to redeem the mortgage at the earliest opportunity.

• When do you expect to redeem this debt?

2. to exchange shares, bonds etc for cash:

• A company will not normally be allowed to redeem its shares during the offer period if its board believes that a takeover offer is imminent.

3. to get back something that you pawnEd (= left with someone when you borrowed money from them ) , by returning the money borrowed
— redeemable adjective :

• Most of these bonds are redeemable at par, i.e. £100 is payable for each £100 nominal value of stock.

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redeemable UK US /rɪˈdiːməbl/ adjective
COMMERCE used to show how and when coupons (= pieces of paper used to buy goods at a lower price), points from a credit card, etc. can be used: »

The program provides those eligible with $20 worth of vouchers redeemable at farmers' markets for locally grown produce.

redeemable against sth »

Every £100 spent earns 10 Plus Points redeemable against discounts on goods and services.

redeemable as sth »

You receive one rewards point for each dollar spent, and points are redeemable as air miles, hotel accommodation, car rental, and some restaurant meals.

STOCK MARKET, FINANCE relating to bonds, shares, etc. that can be exchanged for cash at a particular time: redeemable at sth »

The shares are redeemable at $21.05 each.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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